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It means existense of millions of plants and animals which together create a healthy environment. It is also important inside us- in our intesines of course. More the biodiversity more we are away from dis-eases.

What hinders us?

- Improved cleansing attitudes, techniques and practices (apart from corona effects)

- Lifestyle factors like cooking with instruments, eating with spoons, lost hand involvement in favour of decreasing infection, lost drinking natural water, lost outdoor playing in clay or sand, lost existence of nature around our residense, etc.

- Factory made pure and HEALTHY food products which doesn’t contain any bacteria even those which are good to us. ( pure NaCl,pure H2O, pure curd, pure milk, etc)

What can be done?

World changes only when we change. Lifestyle factors are the one where there is a huge scope. Nature food journal had published an article that declining ecosystem needs urgent consideration (feb,2020) from top tier research articles.

Be human and make use of hands, love nature and nature will save us.

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