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Our Team


Dr.Palak Parmar


Certified for Vitamin D Therapy for autoimmune diseases
Lifestyle Medicine Consultant


Dr. Parin Niranjan Parmar


MD (Pediatrics), DAA (CMC, Vellore), CRM
PGD in Yoga, PGD in Music Therapy
Pediatric Allergy-Immunology Consultant
Integrative Medicine Researcher


Dr.Ripal H Pambhar


Physiotherapist & Acupuncturist

Dr. Palak Parmar

     With a deep inclination to work for mankind, Dr Palak joined medical studies in year 2002. She passed MBBS from the prestigious B. J. Medical College, Ahmedabad in the year 2007. Since the early years of her medical education, she had a passion to relieve the pain of patients and therefore she opted for post-graduation in Anesthesia and completed a Diploma in Anesthesia from B. J. Medical College, Ahmedabad in the year 2010. She was much attracted to the field of critical care and therefore joined Fellowship in Critical Care, which she passed as a 3rd topper at the national level in the year 2012 in the IACCM-CCEF. Thereafter, she worked as a consultant intensivist for the next seven years – in Sterling Hospitals, Ahmedabad, and then in Unicare Hospital, Rajkot.

     As her professional life was blooming as an intensivist, the greatest teacher named Life had its own plans. After having gone through unexpected challenges in physical health and other areas of personal life, she was forced to look at health and well-being with wholistic eyes. To overcome her own health problems, she ventured through a host of lifestyle modifications such as yoga, exercise, diet changes, nutritional supplements, stress reduction, and meditation during these times, which made a significant impact on her health and overall life on a positive side. Of course, the support of her family was also crucial throughout her journey.

     Therefore, with the urge to help others with what she had gained during her own personal journey, Niranjanaaya manifested physically in the year 2020. The concept of Niranjanaaya was already born in the year 2015 in the mind of Dr Parin Niranjan Parmar, who had been working to manifest the concept since then.

Dr. Parin Niranjan Parmar

     Dr Parin Niranjan Parmar joined MBBS in B. J. Medical College, Ahmedabad after topping the entire Saurashtra-Kutch region in Higher Secondary Board Examination in year 2001. He passed out MBBS in the year 2006 and joined MD (Psychiatry) in year 2007. However, he was not happy with  “only drugs and no psychological interventions” approach in his department at that time, so he left the course soon. He joined MD (Pediatrics) in P. D. U. Medical College, Rajkot and passed out with gold medal in year 2011. Then he obtained a Diploma in Allergy & Asthma, a course run by join collaboration of highly prestigious Christian Medical College, Vellore and International Asthma Services, Colorado. He started his limited-hours practice as a Pediatric Allergy-Immunology Consultant at his small private clinic in the year 2014.

     The learning did not stop here. Being a student of music since his childhood, he wanted to explore the use of music for health and well-being as a doctor. Hence, he went for PG Diploma in Music Therapy from Chennai School of Music Therapy, Chennai, where he also served as a faculty later. He also has been fortunate to be a visiting faculty and external examiner at the Center of Music Therapy, Education and Research, Mahatma Gandhi Medical College & Research Institute, Puducherry between the years 2016 to 2019.

     He was interested in ancient wisdom since long and health challenges in his own family members forced him to learn Yoga. After years of self-learning and self-practice, he ultimately decided to take up education in yoga in a formal manner and passed out PG Diploma in Yoga from Annamalai University, Tamilnadu in the year 2018.

     His core belief is “we are how we live”, an extension of the already popular quote, “we are what we eat”. This belief is what makes him focus on Lifestyle Medicine, which includes lifestyle-based interventions for health and well-being.

Dr. Ripal H. Pambhar

     Having learned and lived the principles of Gurukul and having been blessed by many enchanted holy Gurus, Dr. Ripal Pambhar chose to become a physiotherapist and passed out from Rajiv Gandhi University, Karnataka in the year 2006.

     During his twelve years of experience in physiotherapy, he was also attracted by the emerging field of acupuncture out of his keen desire to relieve the pains of others. He was trained in acupuncture from multiple sources – he completed a Diploma in Acupuncture from Indian Integrated Acupuncture Association, Nagpur (Maharashtra), and also received additional training in scalp and body acupuncture from Mangalore (Karnataka) and in auricular acupuncture from New Delhi. He has also been trained in Manual Therapy, Core Muscle Strengthening and Rehabilitation, and Modern Sports Medicine from Mangalore (Karnataka).

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