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Hi, I'm Disha Dodia. As I now feeling very active and healthy because of Palak Didi. firstly, she made my diet and then the fun part which is exercises. I always dreamt to have my own health caretaker and she made my dream come true she understood my body correctly. I almost gain 5-7 kgs after following her exercise and diet routine. Thanks a lot my palakdidi...

Disha Dodia

After doing exercise my health is much better and all my muscles are working and in good condition.  The main thing is that due to exercise my medicine doses are decreasing - which is one of the best benefits I got.

Mrs. Purnima Vaghela


Dr.Palak encouraged me to do some exercise, which helped me to get positiveness in my life and helped me for weight-loss as well. This has also helped to get my diabetes under control.

Mrs. Priti Kuberkar

Regarding lifestyle

1) Punctuality- starting from waking up to the time we go to bed.

2)Fenugrik+turmeric powder every morning.

3)Minimum 2 km regular walking every day.

4)Conscious sugar control in daily food.

5)Positive attitude which was inspired by Dr. Palak that I will and I can get rid of this disease.

Last but not least keep maintain interest in life that is no boredom!.

these have helped me recover and cure diabetes.

Mrs. Vandana Desai

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