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Fasting fest – conclusion

Fasting done, with various techniques discussed in previous blogs under ‘fasting fest’ , can have different health benefits backed by science. Once again, I would like to remind that it is highly desirable to discuss pros and cons of fasting for you with your medical professional before beginning the journey.

Different scientific studies have shown that fasting…

- …promotes blood sugar control by reducing insulin resistance and is especially useful for at risk individuals.

- …reduces chronic inflammation. It would be useful to note that acute inflammation is a normal immune response to fight against infection whereas chronic inflammation can have serious consequences, e.g., heart diseases, cancer, auto immune disorders like rheumatoid arthritis, etc. Studies have shown to reduce inflammatory markers and to improve overall health at one month of intermittent fasting.

- …reduces blood pressure in hypertensive patients and reduces triglycerides and cholesterol levels resulting in improved cardiac health.

- …may boost brain function and prevent neurodegenerative disorders.

- …boosts metabolism and aids weight loss.

- …increases secretion of growth hormone, which is vital for metabolism, growth, muscle strength and weight loss.

- …may aid in prevention of cancer and increased effectiveness of chemotherapy.

- …may prevent aging and extend longevity. However, this one is based on animal studies; human studies showing such effects are lacking.

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