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Wholistic approach

Myth: It is a mixture of allopathy, homeopathy, Ayurveda etc.

Reality: To consider various sectors/areas of human being in the process of establishing health is considered as wholistic approach. Whenever there is a pathology the ultimate aim is to reach normal physiology. By wholistic way there is consideration of physical body, emotions, mental status, etc. to reach the health as a whole in case of any dis-eases.

Sectors and related modalities to consider for wholistic management:

- Mental sector: Counselling for thoughts, beliefs, thought forms, dreams, stress.

- Emotional sector: Grow positive emotions like love, gratitude and Safe release of negative emotions like fear, hate, anger, guilt.

- Energy sector: Energy healing for chakra and web clearing and balancing, energy field shielding for protection, Pranic exercises for grounding.

- Physical sector: Diet, physical activity, posture correction, balancing, aerobics, yoga, strength exercise, acupuncture, music therapy, art therapy and lot more.

- Spiritual sector: Meditation and prayers for alignment with the higher soul.

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